Rosemarie Caston

Selling Principal

Principal Rosemarie Caston, with over 11yrs of local real estate experience she has consistently received 100% satisfactory and valued appreciation from her clients. Driven to succeed, achieving outstanding results in every stage of the industry cycle starting her career during the GFC, Rosemarie has experienced it all and with perseverance and hard work founded her own real estate business in 2014.

Calling the Sunshine Coast home for more than 20yrs Rosemarie has enjoyed every minute soaking up the sun while raising her 3 beautiful children. The entire family are passionate about sports, karate being the most important filling their lives with energy and strength; together they have created a very strong family bond. With the same perseverance and hard work Rosemarie puts into everything she engages in, Rosemarie won her first gold medal at the Soke World Cup Championships in Canada, July 2019.

Strongly believing it is important to support her local community, she has enjoyed being a Coast Guard Volunteer for the past 3 years. Working her way up through the ranks she has recently received her restricted Coxswain certificate. She has pure dedication to her Mooloolaba flotilla and with such determination Rosemarie is excited to be working towards achieving her next qualifications as Skipper at QF6.

Rosemarie has a very genuine, honest and empathetic approach to real estate and it is imperative for her to work in a highly ethical manner, providing her clients with quality time and assistance while they are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives – buying and selling their homes.